The Climate Group is an international non-profit organisation specialising in high profile climate and energy initiatives, working out of offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi, New York and London.


As a result of Fernhays experience in the electro-mobility and campaigning sectors, we were asked to scope out the potential for a new campaign, working with major corporates across the world to encourage corporate uptake of electric vehicles.


Through Fernhays expert knowledge on electrification of transport and solutions for renewable grid energy, we worked with the client to develop a campaign report, setting out the leadership role corporates could take in shaping early market development in this sector.
This included the need for a clear public commitment from the world’s most influential companies to accelerate adoption of Electric Vehicles; as well as a thought leadership programme and advocacy based on clear communication of the business benefits of EVs.


Our campaign report identified the key elements that would encourage the take up of electric vehicles, it also provided detailed background data for the client to enable them to engage in meaningful and productive conversations with stakeholders which would test the appetite for the campaign.

  • Expertise in campaign development
  • Detailed and current knowledge of the global electro-mobility sector
  • Campaign development and target setting
  • Strategic advocacy advice
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