Fernhay won the UPS project grant to develop low impact city logistics through the use of electric powered delivery trailers.

The dense urban environment presents a challenge for businesses to reach their customers. Congestion, kerb side restrictions and charges for pollution all affect access to the inner core of a city. Our project ‘Low Impact City Logistics’ seeks to address this puzzle, whilst reducing operating costs associated with a van led solution.

Low Impact City Logistics is part of a £10 million investment by Government in a range of collaborative research and innovation projects. Fernhay, as the lead project and product development partner, has created an electrically assisted delivery trailer which features IP-protected technology. This means that the weight of the parcels carried by the trailer – up to 200 kilograms – is not felt by the handler, allowing for increased last mile deliveries by foot or bike.
We listened to the problems faced by major third-party logistics companies in delivering and collecting parcels and through a collaborative approach, defined a system solution that takes parcels from out of town depot to customer door, with better efficiency than a van in London.
Fernhay’s skillset includes: project management; creating engineering simplicity from complexity; and introducing changes to existing ways of working.

Our work is demonstrating that there is a viable business case enabling the removal of vans and trucks in congested urban areas.
Other partners in this Government co- funded project include UPS, Skotkonung, University of Huddersfield, and Outspoken Delivery.