Venturefest Oxford is an annual event attracting over 3,000 delegates. It is a gateway for entrepreneurs and innovators to connect with investors and key advisors. It brings together a whole community of innovators, new businesses and professional people, supported by national and public sector agencies.


Fernhay has provided top level management services for Venturefest Oxford for many years. One of the main investors, seeing the success in Oxford, asked Fernhay to explore taking this success story nationwide.

Each Venturefest is built around what we call an ‘innovation eco-system’. Essentially, this means we bring together key people and companies who can share experiences and contacts, and demonstrate their own achievements. Our challenge was to take this roadmap and make it work across the UK.


Fernhay managed and moderated a number of debates with interested groups. From this, the design for a network of Venturefests was created, under the umbrella of the national organisation. This model provides a way to share best practice and link people across the country. We whittled down suitable locations to a shortlist of 15 which could host events locally.


Our recommendation for a Venturefest national network was accepted, together with a rollout project plan and a business plan. Following this, we set up the network and agreed its terms of reference with partners from various locations around the UK hosting the inaugural meeting of the network.

From its initial concept, there is now a linked platform of economically-inspired events which will promote and sustain growing organisations.

  • Creative thinking
  • Strategic planning
  • Organising collaboration between stakeholders
  • Strategic review and analysis
  • Project planning for a three year programme
  • Budget planning
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